Previous Event: Last summer's Festival of Words

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Date And Time : 30/06/2018

Price : Various

Location : Cullompton, Devon

Category : Arts, Workshops, Event

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The presentation of the prizes for the short-story competition - the framed illustrations by Woody Fox!

The winners of the short-story competition have now been announced:  you can click on the winning entries below to read the full stories:
Years 1 to 3: Imogen Tolen, Goblin in the Wood          

Years 4 to 6: Toby Clark, Nimrod and Aurora

Years 7 to 13: Amelie Tucker, Airborne        

Adult: Gareth Johns, The Forgotten

The Festival of Words was a huge success, involving all age groups. If you have any photos of Lutenists and the One Act Plays, the web mistress would like to hear from you...